Every good lumberjack understands that:

  • No drunk persons will participate in the activity. If we detect the slightest sign of alcohol, we will ask you to leave the place.
  • We only throw axes at the targets we have prepared for you.
  • It is not allowed to have more than one thrower in the shooting area, nor to take the axe out of the shooting area.
  • It is not allowed to touch the separating fences or the targets (which splinter).
  • The axe must always be taken by the handle and removed from the target by swinging it, never by pulling it out.
  • It is not allowed to pass the axe from hand to hand to another shooter, nor to receive it from another shooter; it must always be left in a neutral zone.
  • You must come with closed shoes.

And above all, it is important to arrive 10 minutes early!

If you have any other questions, you can solve them here.
We hope to see you soon!