Make a reservation

Make a reservation is easy!

  1. Choose when you want to come (date and time).
  2. Check how many people you will be and fill in the form.
  3. Continue for adding aditional lanes or jump to de safe payment screen.

You will get a confirmation e-mail with your reservation details. It includes 1 hour of activity; As you arrive, you will get a safety briefing, we will show you how to throw, and the game will start!

For any question (you can find the faqs here), ask for a private event, or a special aperture, please write us to:

Here you have the opening hours:

Wednesday  17:00h – 21:00h

Thursday and Friday 17:00h – 22:00h (last reservation 21:00h)

Saturday 17:00h – 22:00h (last reservation 21:00h)

Sunday 17:00h – 21:00h (last reservation 20:00h)

Reservation form 


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