Or many hatchets of what we have available. From the Gipuzcoan axe to the so-called Canadian Tomahawk.
After a short security briefing and the basic technique of axe throwing that will be shown by our instructors, you’ll learn how to throw as a true Mohican.


You’ll use to train, play and compete in small groups or big: just like darts but punkier!


Of the best time you are about to pass in the city together with whomever you decide to. Competing, Laughing, simply doing something that will set you free and unstress you in case you need it.
Come and unleash the Viking inside you!

URBAN AXE THROWING Directly inspired by Rocky Mountain Lumberjacks & Woodcutter´s hobbies, urban axe throwing or hatchet throwing is the ultimate sport born in Canada and is the latest trend in half the World. Now, you can try it with your people at Barcelona Axe Throwing and… who knows! We are pioneers in the Iberian peninsula and the first official World Axe Throwing League member in Southern mainland Europe. Do you dare to try it out?!


Fiestas de cumpleaños originales



Trafalgar, 8, Barcelona 08010
Metro Urquinaona


Monday to Thursday 17 17:00h – 21:00h

Firday and Saturday 11:00h – 14:00h; 15:00h – 22:00h

Sunday 11:00h – 14:00h; 15:00h – 21:00h


Axe Throwing is a very popular sport nowadays. Recently born in Canada this sport is the best (Punk) activity you can try in Barcelona since summer 2018. You can now come to our facility and throw axes with your people, just choose an hour. You don’t need any previous experience and there’s no need for you to be in super shape to practice it. After a short briefing you’ll be ready to throw and so the games begin! You’ll get to know new people, you’ll have great fun with your buddies and you’ll bring some sweet memories back home.

We’ve been thinking and testing a lot in order to design the best and safest axe throwing activity so that the only thing that you’ll have to care about is to stick the axes on the target. We don’t want you to have any problem while doing the activity as we neither want you to have any problem crossing a street or stepping out of a bus.

Reservations have to be done by people over 18 years old. All people under this age will have to participate under the responsibility of the adults accompanying. People under 16 years old must come with their parents or bring this parental consent filled.

As you please! The only needed thing is closed shoes.

The price goes between 16€ and 22,5€ per person/hour. And it also depends on the day you come and the number of people you are.

To make ourselves clear, here you have our pricelist!

Tuesday to Thursday Friday, Weekend and holidays
Target for 1 person: 19,5 € Target for 1 person: 22,5 €
Target for 2 people: 39 € (19,5 € /pax) Target for 2 people: 45 € (22,5 €/pax)
Target for 3 people: 54 € (18 €/pax) Target for 3 people: 58 (19,33 € /pax)
Target for 4 people: 64 € (16 € /pax) Target for 4 people: 68 (17 €/pax)

For the correct development of the activity of axe throwing is necessary to book through our online booking system, which can be done following 3 simple steps: tell us when you want to come and how many people you will be, leave us your contact details and make the payment through our secure platform. You will receive a confirmation email with your reservation details.
If you have been left without reservation and you are lucky, only in our outdoor center located in Westfield La Maquinista Shopping Center we may accept a walk in, always subject to availability.

If al goes fine you’ll be throwing axes for about 55 mins, after our short security briefing and introduction. It is important to be here 10 mins before the starting hour you reserved.
Exceptionally and subject to availability, we can offer slightly shorter walk ins in our outdoor at the Westfield La Maquinista Shopping Center.

We are in Barcelona -our club is in Trafalgar street, 8 (next to Urquinaona), the heart of axe throwing in the Peninsula.

If you are planning to come in group but -as usual!- not all the assistants have yet confirmed or you think that someone will not come in the end, you have to know that we will help you out trying to give you another target if there is  availability. It is very difficult for us to deal with cancellations so what we recommend you is that you make the reservation once you are 100% sure or not counting the undecided whenever you can. Anyhow you come to have fun and we’ll always lend a hand!

We are so sorry but this is not possible. Online payment help us to decrease no shows and it also helps to bring the best possible experience for new throwers as for habitual throwers. It also helps to maintain out high security standards. We work locked doors and we want to get to know our costumers first. Your safety is our safety.

We are sorry, it is not possible to cancel a reservation unless it is due to force majeure, in which case a 3 euros cancellation fee will be charged. Anyway, it is possible to change the date of the activity by contacting us until 48h before the activity begins by sending us an e-mail.
Likewise, the opening hours of our outdoor facilities at Westfield La Maquinista Shopping Center may be affected by weather conditions.

Our activity lasts 55 minutes. We kindly ask you to arrive 10 mins. in advance. In the case you are late, it is possible that you’ll have to wait a little or that your time has to be reduced. That depends on how busy we are!

Para nuestro conocimiento y tu seguridad, todos nuestros tiradores quedáis asociados a nuestro club para el año en curso, sin coste adicional alguno al realizar la primera reserva o visitarnos por primera vez. Para renovar la suscripción, para adquirir un bono si planeas visitarnos a menudo, para organizar una competición con tu gente o para apuntarte a nuestras ligas regulares, puedes comentárselo a cualquier miembro de nuestro staff .

Es ¡muy fácil! La mayoría de gente consigue clavar el hacha en la diana el primer día que viene. De todas maneras, hemos hecho un artículo y video explicando como tirar un hacha, y las diferentes técnicas que hay.